My Musical Memories

Happy New Year, everyone!  2010 begins a new decade (or it doesn't, who cares?) and I am resuming where I left off with my memories from back when I was a roadie for a few local bands.  Back during the days of The Buzz Band, the band had a revolving cast of guests on stage.  Some of these musicians showed up on a semi-regular basis, but one of them pictured only showed up one.

My Cleveland readers may know this first person by name, especially if they were listeners of the Buzzard Morning Zoo radio show back in the 1980's.  One night in March of 2001, The Buzz Band played the Wagon Wheel out in Madison, Ohio.  I was unsure who this skinny white boy from Cleveland, Ohio was, but Sammy informed me that it was Alex Bevan.  He jammed with the band as a third guitarist for most of the night.

Alex Bevan

That night, also, was a regular guest of the band (later would be named as a member of the band), Cy Sulak.  He was (and/or still is) a member of The Michael Stanley Band, The Dynosaurs, Rock Shop and a few other bands around Cleveland.

Cy Sulak

Keyboard players also showed up to play, too.  Anyone who remembers back to my first post in this series will remember a band called Rendezvous.  Bill Terry was one of those players (not pictured in this post), but there was also Mike Criscione who is well known in the music scene around these parts.  He was (and still might be) the musical director of Sonny Gerace's band.

Mike Criscione

Also, another well-known keyboard player around these parts is George Sipl.  He has a few Emmy Awards for music and some gold and platinum albums and singles.  He is that good and he plays two keyboards.

George Sipl

I hope you enjoyed this look back at some special guests over the years.  Next week, while it might be a little late, I am going to start looking back to December 1999 and the Stamper's Christmas Jam.  It may take a few weeks or more.  Have a good Sunday.