Create Your Own Reality

A few years ago, there was a book that was called a fictional autobiography by many (including myself).  The author tried to claim the whole thing was true, but ended up confessing in the end and was run out of town as it were.  It was called a shameful act, but I figured the anger was because of who he managed to dupe.  I thought that part was funny (I am not posting the author, the book title and talk show host on purpose).

So, here's the question I have for you:  If you had to write your life's story, how much fiction would you have to write in to make a best-seller?  If it were totally true, would you want to read it?

Now, just to qualify this, I will answer my own question to lead off.  There are people who think I am interesting now and there are some entertaining moments from the past, but the story of my entire life is not exciting.  I would definitely have to add a lot of fictional elements to it.  If it were totally true, I would absolutely find it to be a cure for insomnia.  What about you?