My Musical Memories

Lat week, I said I would be focusing on one band, Little Queen, a Heart tribute band.  I was first introduced to Tracy Marie at the Stampers Christmas Jam back in December 1999.  She had performed a few songs, including a couple to promote her Heart tribute band.  I took photos at the jam, as everybody knows and before I knew it, I was being asked to take photos at the April first gig at the Blind Lemon.  Tracy Marie may be short, but her voice more than makes up for it.  I am a big Heart fan and this band had it all together the two times I saw them (the second time was at the Revolution and I was running the light board).

Here are only a few of the nearly 200 pictures I took that night.

There is something I really like about this picture, although it isn't the ideal flare shot.  It turns out to be a real advantage of digital is that it offers the opportunity to play around.  That's why I do it.  One of these days I am going to go through my photos and pull out some of my favorite tests and accidents.  This will be further down the road.  Have a good weekend.