In the Future...Entertainment

It's no surprise to find out that I am a video game fan as well as a movie fan.  I can see both of these technologies going through a metamorphosis in coming years.  I am not going to talk about the quality of movies these days, I'll let everybody else do that on other blogs.  This is a post about the technology that makes movies and video games possible in the comfort of one's home.  Naturally, there is one stop we have to make first.

What good are movies and games without a TV to see them?  This year's Consumer Electronics Show had a lot of 3D TV's.  I don't know how well this idea will truly take off since 3D is a bit touchy, especially when it's contained in the screen itself.  Viewing angle is important to 3D and sitting too far to the left and right could mess up the effect.  To this end, I could see a clearer picture that can optimized for 3D technology.  Thin will definitely be in, too, but since when is 3 inches still too thick?

Movie technology will forever be evolving and Blue Ray is only a stepping stone.  I referred to 3D technology for TV in the last paragraph and I had movies in mind when I said this.  Naturally, more movies will probably be available in 3D (whether it should be or not).  More than likely, we'll see higher quality digital media and also better video compression for better looking downloadable movies.  Watching movies is great for that TV, but interacting will be even better.

Microsoft keeps hyping Project: Natal, which is a video game motion capture system that uses natural movements to control the action on the screen.  Whether it will actually be released is a mystery since I've seen the results of hype (Phantom Gaming Console and Duke Nuke 'em Forever are two examples).  The possibility always exists for 3D games (it's a theme, I guess).  My guess is Nintendo is going to take another risk that will pay off and raise the bar for the others.  I can't picture any new players entering the fold in the next few years, but when the economy improves, then it could be likely.

I think I covered everything I wanted to cover, but there is always more that could happen.  TV's and movies will become clearer and video games will get more fun.  My last two posts in this series will deal with the same technology, the Internet.  Tomorrow will discuss the future of the Internet and communication and Saturday will be about a rare topic for me on my blog, the future of politics and the Internet.  Please join me for both, thanks.