In the Future...Cell Phones and Computers

I'm going to take the next week to look into the future.  No, not with ESP or other psychic powers, but by looking at where we are now and making educated guesses.  Today I am going to look at the future of computers and cell phones.  Some other topics I want to look at are space travel, renewable energy, television and movies and the Internet and communication.  If there is anything you would like to add to any of these topics, feel free to do so.  I would like this to be a bit more interactive than normal.

Most of have both a cell phone and a computer, but it seems that the phone is catching up to the computer in power and graphics capability.  The advent of the smart phone and the netbook seem to be leading to a convergence of these technologies.  The computer is getting smaller, while the phones are getting more powerful.  Also, storage is cheaper and a lot more compact so more space can be added into a smaller area making it possible for the phone to be a primary device.  Naturally, though, expanding the capabilities or increasing the storage of these devices is either really difficult or impossible, so there needs to be another solution.

Storing data off of the device, in the cloud as it were, is a reasonable idea for a couple reasons.  First, if something happens to the phone, all of the user's data will be offsite and can easily be restored to the device.  The cloud has virtually unlimited space which means, obviously, everybody could store data there and retrieve it with little hassle.  There are of course some issues with this idea as well.  The cloud, like all computer-based systems, still has bugs that need to be worked out.  Luckily, I am speaking to the future of this idea and the possibility that it will be much more stable is greater.  There are also security concerns.  Who looking after that data, or worse, who's looking at it?  Unfortunately, security is a big concern and not as likely to be completely fixed ever.  With better and ever-evolving data encryption it will be possible to keep information secure (and it currently is, too).

The idea of using a small, hand-held device for all of our communications and Internet access wherever we are in the world is currently possible, but expensive when it comes to data plans.  Some of these devices are Wi-Fi enabled so that a cell network is not needed and surfing the web and downloading large volumes is already a reality.  These devices will become the primary means of getting online and the desktop will be for the true geeks among us.  What are your thoughts?  Look to the future and see what's out there.