My Musical Memories

This week I am going to take you back a little over ten years to one hell of a party before Christmas 1999.  I just bought my camera in early December of 1999 and was intent on using it.  The event was the Stampers Christmas Jam and it was a night to remember.  The venue was Stampers Bar and Grill in Fairview Park and the event was a night packed with music, either full bands or a collection of musicians jamming on stage.  These were some of my favorite nights.

This is only a small part of the night, there is a lot more.  I will be continuing this theme in weeks to come, but I cannot remember everybody's name.  I do remember enough, though.  Like the Bad Rabbits reunion that took place.  The band is amazingly talented and contains the guitar talent of Buzzy J. and his brother, Bubba P.

Next up is Tracy Marie.  She may be small, but she has a big voice and used this night to give a preview of Little Queen, her Heart tribute band.

I cannot remember who the two ladies in the next picture are, but the percussion player is former Buzz Band drummer, Tommy and the guitar player in front of him is his brother, Jeff.  While I don't remember the names, I remember that this was an amazing jam.

Buzzy J. played with a lot of musicians in his life and it was reflected in the night.  The percussion player here is a great local drummer named Phil who will appear again when I go through the Revolution Jam photos.  Oh yeah, that's keyboard player, George Sipl on the bass.

So there you have part one of the Stamper Christmas Jam.  I should try to catch up with Sammy and get some names put to the faces in these pictures.  Anyway, I will return next week with more photos.  Have a good Sunday.