No Countdown This Week

Due to the happenings of this week and the emotional roller coaster I've been on regarding the dog, I am suspending the Invention and Discovery Countdown until next week. I am going over to Mom's today for lunch and to see the little dog. I will be back later today with news and pictures. Have a good day, I will be back for real tomorrow.

Here's an idea, how about a discussion about Apple...

Today is 9/9/09, Beatles day. Rock Band: Beatles is released today and Apple is having an event, but they have remained tight-lipped on the exact nature, but it has to do with music (the promo contained an iPod reference). So, what do you think is the big announcement? A new iPod (perhaps a Beatles theme)? The iPod Touch with camera? The Beatles library on iTunes? Let me know what you think.

Pookie UPDATE:

He's looking like a party animal with that lampshade.