The Final Frontier, I Am So There

I am a fan of space travel, NASA and all things out of the world.  Naturally, it would be quite fitting to find me in space, but I have never been and most likely will never be.  I would love to see the earth from a spacecraft floating in the middle of the cold depths of space.  Unfortunately, I am too tall to fly on the Space Shuttle or Soyuz and we're a few years away from  personal spacecraft.  The thing is, I am already in space, thanks to my membership in the Planetary Society.

I was a subscriber to Astronomy Magazine and a member of The Planetary Society back in the mid-90's.  I guess I filled out a form and mailed it because I found my name online under NASA's Stardust mission which collected and brought back samples from a comet's tail.  NASA collected 1 million names from various sources and made up two sets of chips, one for the collector which returned to earth and the other set for the transport vehicle.  My name is currently floating in space, along with 999,999 others.  I know, it's not the same as being there, but the thought that my name is out there is quite exciting.  My real name is on my Facebook profile, but feel free to ask me or someone else what it is.  I just prefer not posting it here.