Invention Countdown, #2 and #1

Trivial Tuesday is posted below.  Please check it out and give it a guess.

What defines the importance of an invention or discovery?  To me, it is measured by the impact that it has on the ones who discover it.  While many might think that the most important inventions and discoveries are the most technologically advanced.  I see it the other way, they are the most seemingly primitive.   So, this week's conclusion may be disappointing to many of you.

#2  Written Communication
Way back in the earliest days of civilization, somebody decided to record the day's happenings on a piece oof sandstone or papyrus.  This started a tradition of written history that would carry on through many generations.  To me, this is the most important invention for the sake of our survival.  Without written communication, lessons of the past would be lost forever, or the oral tradition would have altered our stories and histories.
#1  Fire
It has long been held that the ones who harness fire shall rule the world.  Well, humans learned to harness the power of fire.  It allows us to see in the dark, keeps us warm and lets us cook our food.  Fire is power.  Fire is what made humans, human.
There you have it.  I know some people will be disappointed, but this is my countdown.  How would you rank these?  What would your list look like?  Have a good day.