Stuff I've Done Lately

It's been a busy couple days for me here at the homestead. Yesterday, I stripped the old caulk off of the bathtub in order to make way for new. The old stuff was in bad shape from a few years of showering. Parts of it were changing color, so I figure it was about time. Of course, I really couldn't caulk it yesterday because I had to shower, so I showered in an unsealed shower. Then I had to allow it to dry. Of course, I had something else to do.

I had tickets to last night's Indians game. Of course, they're in last place and were trying to get out of a 10 game losing streak. Luckily, my dad, my brother and I had free tickets, a free parking pass and free food. The tickets were in the club level and they come with unlimited access to the Club. The Indians lost to the division leading Detroit Tigers 6 to 5 and increased their losing streak to 11. But, there was free food.

This morning I finally decided to make my chicken soup. I loaded up the pot with the veggies, chicken base and chicken wings.  It's been cooking all day, smells good and will be my dinner. I did find out that I made a mistake when giving my parents the started plants for the garden this year. I got some more of the Chinese veggies and also, my mistake got me jalapenos. My parents don't like hot and spicy and I must have mixed up the peppers while rearranging them upstairs. No, I didn't put hot peppers in my soup.

Finally, I got the bathtub caulked and it is drying at the moment. Dad stopped by and gave me a good grade on the job I did. Now the tub is done, I just have a little cleaning up to do. So that's what I've been doing.  Thanks for reading.