Making the WRONG Statement

There is a fashion trend happening in this country that supposed to scream rebellion.  To me, it screams laziness and sloppiness and should be outlawed as indecent exposure.  What is this fashion statement that I am referring to?  Girls wearing pajama pants out in public.  Ladies, you may think you're making a social statement and rebelling against the cultural norms, but you're not.  You are telling the world that you are sloppy and lazy and it takes you have no self-confidence.  These pants look awful, they can't be that warm on cold days and do nothing to increase the attractiveness of the wearer.

I'm not talking about a girl waking up, throwing these pants on and going to bring in the newspaper.  I'm talking about seeing girls wearing them at the grocery store or any other store, at the gas station and while walking down the street.  They should be worn at home, before going to bed or shortly after waking up.  These pants are making a statement for the wearer, but it's the wrong statement.  Have some self-respect, before leaving the house, put on something decent, quit looking like you just want to lay on the couch all day while surrounded by your filth.  Do I sound mean?  Well, I only call it like I see it.