Stuff That I've Done

I will be doing "My Musical Memories" periodically on Sundays.  I'm finding it difficult to simply find a song and recall a memory.  It's not going away, it's just getting cut back a little bit.

This weekend I had a small get together with my former Game Board brethren.  Kloud, Golden Boy and Stress Fracture came over for a day of video games, food and trash talk.  I made Sloppy Joes and all the fixings, Kloud brought his famous taco dip, Golden Boy brought the donuts and Stress Fracture.  There were a total of 3 Xboxes, plus we played online with some other friends.  The party almost didn't get started, though.

When we went to finally fired up the systems to get playing, none of us could connect to the Internet.  After about a half hour of running up and down the steps, from the basement to the dormer and back again, the problem finally fixed itself.  Phew!  My worst fear was that the mice chewed through the cables, but that wasn't the problem.  I still don't know what it was, but it works now.

Throughout the weekend, I read Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol.  If you're a fan of the author's previous works, I definitely recommend it.  I started late Wednesday, didn't read on Thursday and read Friday, Saturday night and finished this morning.