Invention Countdown, #8 and #7

This week, I sense a theme.  Both of these next inventions are fairly old, but have done so much for the way we look at our world.

#8 The Telescope
The telescope was invented back in 1608 by Hans Lippershey and Zacharias Janssen and improved upon by Galileo in 1609.  It was used then to discover that our planet was not alone in the solar system.  Later on, as optics improved, it was used to see beyond the other 7 (or 8) planets and observe other galaxies and nebulae.

#7 The Microscope
Again, Lippershey and Janssen are given credit for this invention.  Galileo, again, improved upon it.  The microscope has given us the ability to see within ourselves.  It has been critical to medical advancements and the identification of diseases that could have done in the human race.

Again, this countdown is strictly my opinion and is not meant to piss anyone off.  I just call them like I see them and hope you enjoy them.  Of course, feel free to fill in this countdown for yourself.