My Mind is a Scary Place

I was out with my parents yesterday, driving to Marblehead, Ohio for a day out. Marblehead is where the historic lighthouse is.  As we drove across the causeway on to the peninsula, there she was, on the side of the road, waving at cars with her one free wing as they passed by, looking dead and flattened, but still courteous enough to wave.  Yes, it was Gertrude, the dead, flattened, greeting gull.  I know, as the title states, my mind is a scary place, but here's a non-artist's rendition of what I saw since taking out a camera and snapping a shot at 65 miles per hour tends to be considered dangerous to my parents.

I would like to apologize for the lack of quality, but I was drawing from memory.  This is the best I could draw Gertrude, the dead, flattened, greeter gull.  I hope you enjoy it and, no Sebastien, I am not muscling in on your territory.  Gertrude may show up again form time to time.