Invention Countdown, #6 and #5

OK, now that the little dog is getting better I can, with clear conscience, continue the invention and discovery countdown.  This week, it's time for #6 and #5.  As we will see this week, I am a purist, the originals are the reason for the rest.  This week, we travel back in time.

#6 The Phonograph
Thomas Edison invented the phonograph recorder and player back in 1877.  It embossed the sound onto foil cylinders and was able to be played back.  The reason for this being in the countdown should be obvious, it was the beginning of recorded music.  This invention led to vinyl records, then to cassettes, 8-tracks, CDs and then digital music.

There were computing devices before the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer), but they were primarily calculators.   ENIAC was a modular computer that could be reprogrammed and used for any number of computations.  It was initially used to perform the calculations for the hydrogen bombs and later to compute artillery firing tables.  Of course, ENIAC was the precursor to the computer that you are currently using.

There you have it, another week down in the countdown.  Next week, #4 and #3.  What will they be?  What should they be?  What should the countdown look like so far?  I always enjoy a little controversy.