Writing Down the Bones

As many of you may be able to tell, by the 109 straight days of posting, I like to write.  I know the mechanics of writing and I have ideas, but getting them on paper can be a little more difficult.  While listening to MacBreak Weekly about month back, I heard about a book about writing.  It was called, Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg.  

I decided to buy the book.  It's basically a book of short lessons on the various aspects of writing.  She teaches how to silence the inner critic, how to let your mind have fun and let go of logic, the necessity of description.  She explains that we learned how to write in school, but not "how" to write.  We also spent too much time analyzing works of poetry and literature instead of writing our own stuff.

It's not about writing a book or poetry or anything specific, it's about writing.  If you're a blogger, a reporter, keep a diary or anything else, this book can help.  I bought it in "dead tree" form (a paperback book) and I also have it in mp3 audio as I am a subscriber to Audible.com.  Since most of my regular visitors are bloggers, this is a good pick.  No, I'm not saying anybody here is a bad writer.