My Musical Memories, #7

This week will show that not all memories are warm and fuzzy.  Sometimes a particular album brings back feelings from a time that wasn't quite pleasant at all.  Of course, the music could help make that time memorable. This week's memory covers this type of album.

Reign in Blood

What happens when you're on  a trip that requires saving the company's ass? How about if the client that you're working for decides that he doesn't like you? Well, you get pissed off and want to release your anger in some way that won't get you fired or arrested. That's how I ended up[ buying this CD. I was on Cape Cod in November/December 2000 working on an important project which was causing a lot of angst among everybody involved. It finally came to a head one day in early December. I left work in a foul mood, got back to the hotel, called my boss and went off a 15-minute rant at him. He let me finish and simply laughed. He understood my frustration. I was feeling a little better, but I needed more.

I was on Cape Cod a year and a half earlier, which would make it June 1999, but it was for training and just plain nice. This was the exact opposite.  I stopped in the local record store looking for some good, angry music. That's when I recalled that although introduced to me by Evil-E, I did not actually own Reign in Blood. First, I looked in the used bin, but nobody returns this album. I did find it brand new and was thrilled.

Reign in Blood is a loud, fast, wild and pissed off album. It's long been hailed as one of the greatest thrash metal albums of all time. It's only about 29 minutes long (although the remaster contains extra tracks), but oh so worth it. Slayer was a band introduced to me by, as I said earlier, my brother, Evil-E. I first heard South of Heaven and then Seasons in the Abyss, but Reign in Blood was the album that saved my job on Cape Cod back at the end of 2000.

I hope you enjoyed this look at such a great album. If you're feeling brave or just love good metal, check this album out.  Have a good weekend and enjoy.