Musical Memories, #10

This week's memory was actually given to me by a friend that I just got back into touch with on Facebook.  I have to go back, way back, in my life to get this one.

Creatures of the Night

My first "Best Friend Ever" reminded me of this one from way back in the early 80's. We were fans of KISS and used to hang out in my room listening. We were playing "I Love it Loud" from this album. Because we were so high tech, we used to record music by holding a tape recorder up to the speaker. This song fades out toward the end and then fades back in. I guess we were playing it too loud because Evil-E came up and said, "Mon can hear it down in the kitchen." The funny part is, he said it during the faded out part and it made it on to the tape perfectly. It became a favorite recording of ours.

I still have this album on vinyl, but not on CD.  I may have to buy and listen to it again for reminiscence sake.  This memory kind of just came up thanks to my friend, TG, on Facebook. Thanks, sir, I'm glad I joined up.

So there is another memory, and possibly the coolest one so far. Now that I have been reminded, I remember it perfectly, like it was just yesterday.  Thanks for reading and have good weekend.