Look below for my Saturday Scavenger Hunt post.

I have had a spare bedroom in my house since I moved in and have only now figured out what I want to do with it.  I finally decided to turn it into a study, or library, where I can read and write in peace.  I made into a "tech-free" area, with the exception of my iPod for music.  I moved one of my two desks from upstairs and replaced it with another piece that my brother was storing here and probably won't use.

Yesterday, I finally put out my pride and joy collection.  I don't think I have shared this online, but here you go...

This is a majority of my chess set collection.  From top to bottom, the pink and gray onyx set, the black and white onyx, the malachite set and the bottom is the quartz travel set and the clear & smoked glass set.

This is a closeup of the malachite set, but there's a little more of a story here.  Many years ago, my uncle owned a gift shop in North Royalton, OH.  This is one of the things that was left when he closed the store.  I got it on September 11, 2001, the only good thing that happened that day.  This is the crown jewel of my collection.