Sage Advice Online

It's time once again to give everybody a little friendly advice from your friend, AlienCG. The Internet is loaded with a lot of hoaxes and gags that are put in place to make people look silly just for the purpose of ego (the hoax-starter's ego, that is). I'm not easily swayed and tend to be skeptical of everything I see until I find out otherwise. There are plenty of e-mails going around that mention virus warnings, a few of them are true, but most are false, so don't just send it to your whole address book. Look up the name of the virus on or and read carefully, they will usually mention hoaxes. Let the e-mail die right there.

Another popular item is to ask people to repost a bulletin on MySpace, retweet a message on Twitter or change your status on Facebook asking for prayers for some young child who is critically sick or injured. Most of the time, these are hoaxes, but people will post them because they're naturally inclined to believe it because it's a child in peril. I would say, if you're not totally positive or don't know the person mentioned, type the name into Google, or go right to and most likely a story will come up and say whether it's a hoax or not. I hope this advice helps and keeps my inbox from becoming too full.  Have a good day.