Invention Countdown, #10 and #9

This week marks the beginning of my Invention and Discovery Countdown.  Each week, I will be bringing you two countdown spots until I work my way up to #1.

#10 The Internet
The Internet has the potential to be the greatest invention/discovery ever.  It allows anybody to communicate with anybody else, allows everybody to have a voice and can basically open a line of communication to world peace.  Unfortunately, because of the advertising, viruses, spam and the amount of porn, the Internet finds itself at #10 on my countdown.

#9 Television
Sometimes called the boob tube, television brought vision to the world.  It brought us news, the ability to see the moon landing and has entertained us for hours.  Television has gone through its changes over the years, from black & white to color, from analog to digital.  Advertising and low-quality programming have knocked television to #9, as did the Internet.

So, it has begun.  Do you agree with these two?  Do you think one or both should have been higher?  Let me know?