The Time Has Come

I have determined that the time is right for my real self to get on Facebook.  No I am not keeping the name a secret, I already changed it on the profile I set up to do the Alien Coffeeground fan page and here is a link to it (you need to be logged in).  It's about time I bite the bullet and get myself out there.  I know, I have resisted for a long time because I did not want my name on the Internet, but I have had a change of heart.  Why?

I am a technician who loves technology and the Internet, yet if a prospective employer wanted to find me online, there was no real way to do that.  So, from Facebook, you can find me on Twitter, Squarespace, MySpace (for some reason) and anywhere else that the AlienCG name shows up.

Another reason is simply, I have written this blog, over 1000 posts in 5 years and yet, if I stay anonymous, my real-life personality cannot take credit for them.  I will link to my blog on Facebook, but I would prefer to keep my real name off this blog.  I am not denying that I am JMB, but I'd prefer this not be the first place Google, Yahoo or Bing find when my name is entered.

I will not be posting anything original over there because of my post last week.  This is still my primary location on the Internet and that will not change.  Viva la 21st Century!