My Musical Memories, #9

This week I give a peek into my relaxation and one of those albums that helps me to relax.  Now, you might think it's Pink Floyd and you would be wrong (more on that some other time).  Instead, it holds me to my fascination with female vocals.  I have named this album in a music meme a long time ago.

Mazzy Star
She Hangs Brightly

This album is one of those rare treasures that cannot be ignored.  Beautifully written lyrics with, in some cases, haunting chords give this album a truly distinct sound.  Hope Sandoval's vocals contain an unmistakable passion the seem to flow naturally.

I was introduced to this album by a coworker a few years ago, but I was already familiar with a couple of the songs.  This would rank as one of my favorite albums to listen to while relaxing.  They have two other albums that are equally good in their own right, but this one is the most upbeat without being intrusive.

I definitely recommend this album to anyone who likes a crossover country sound, mixed with a folk sound.  Some of the songs to check out would have to be, "Halah," "Blue Flower," "Give You My Lovin'," and "Be My Angel."  If you like these songs, get the CD.  You won't regret it.

Another week of memories have been written down and posted here.  Now, let me ask you, what albums or artists do you listen to while relaxing?