Who You Callin' Yellow?

This week's word is YELLOW and it was chosen by yours truly for no other reason than we haven't had a word beginning with the letter "Y."  I really didn't have anything planned, but I looked through my photo gallery and found a few good ones.

First of all, I am returning to the car show that produced a previous Scavenger Shots picture.

This isn't a classic car at the car show, but it is a newer YELLOW Corvette.  I like 'Vette's, but because of excess height, I cannot fit inside.

Some people say that my house has YELLOW siding, but even if it doesn't there are YELLOW flowers in the picture.

Finally, here is the setting of the YELLOW sun over the mainland US from Knob Beach in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  I will return there one day.

I hope you enjoyed this look at my YELLOW side.  I picked the word for this week, now I must choose a chooser for next week's.  I hereby tag Ananda Girl for that honor.  Pick us a good one.