Flashback to Way Back

I was looking at some of my latest blog posts and seemed to notice that my quality of writing has changed over the years.  So I went back to the first longer piece I wrote with The Game Board.  This is it, from June 2003.

Living in Spamerica
by: AlienCG
June 3, 2003

Think about the amount of e-mail you receive in a given week, how much is junk, or spam? I had an e-mail account through the site that I used for a while, but eventually it became a spam pile, and I closed it about six months ago. I attached it to a :fail: tag in my forwarders and let it stagnate since then. I recently set up the account in one of my e-mail programs and checked it immediately...nothing, this is cool, I could open it up after a another week of monitoring. The next day I checked it and, lo and behold, 20 new messages, all spam. Does it never end, don't they give up on an e-mail address, don't they have better things to do than try to hock Viagara, get-rich-quick scams or, my favorite, the Nicaraguan money-laundering ploy. Yes ladies and gentlemen, no matter how good those brightly colored, personalized e-mails that promise to make your wallet, as well as specific areas of your anatomy, bigger they are just scams to get your bank account number, credit card, social security number, or some other personal tidbit of information that, if taken, will destroy your credit rating and your life. How do you keep this pollution of cyberspace from ruining the aesthetics of your inbox? Simple, don't give away your e-mail address (at least the one you care about).

The best advice I can give is to open a Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL e-mail account and use that address to sign up for stuff on the web.

I just wrote about free e-mail accounts and how they are superior to ISP e-mail accounts.  My how times have changed in more ways than one.  I enjoy looking back like this, and before you ask, yes I have everything I ever wrote for all of my sites.  Have a good day.