Memories of a Saturday Morning

Yes, I am posting a lot this week.  I did a second countdown yesterday.

Remember way back when there were actually cartoons shown on Saturday mornings? I remember waking up at the crack of dawn, coming downstairs before my parents woke up. I got my bowl, the milk, the box of sickeningly sweet cereal and settled in for a morning of cartoon watching. No school, no responsibility, nothing but being a staring zombie until mom finally kicks me out to play. Let's look at what's on the tube this particular Saturday morning.

It's a little after 7:00am and the Porky Pig Show is on. This is the classic cartoons from the late 1930's and 1940's starring an early Porky Pig and, in some cases, a very insane Daffy Duck. The early days of Porky Pig and Daffy Duck were much more silly and, sometimes, violent. Daffy was a jumping bundle of energy with the woohoo-hoo-hoo thing. There were other cartoons included in here such as Sniffles the mouse, the early incarnation that would become Sylvester the cat. This was a good warmup of things to come.

The Superfriends came on at 8:00 and I was buzzing on some serious sugar. Superfriends consisted of various superheroes in a well-sanitized, kid-friendly cartoon. It had the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jana, who were able to transform into anything, provided Jana was an animal of some sort (form of a three-toed tree sloth) and Zan was a form of water (form of raw sewage). The Superfriends took on the Legion of Doom which was led by Lex Luthor (who looked nothing like Gene Hackman). Ususally it ended with the bad guys getting their just desserts, but were left living and the Superfriends were laughing at some awful joke.

Now I'm ready to bounce off the walls, but it's time for The Smurfs, so I have to focus my eyes long enough to watch and this one is a full 90 minutes. The Smurfs are little blue things, led by Papa Smurf, that live in mushroom houses in the forest. They are constantly harassed by Gargamel, an evil wizard who, along with his evil cat, Azreal, are trying to get rid of the Smurfs by making them into a meal. Of course, because Papa Smurf is also a wizard, Gargamel is always foiled. The Smurfs end up living happily ever after with their one hundred males Hmmm, is this really a kids' show? I didn't even go into the political side of this seemingly innocent cartoon.

Luckily, at 10:30, the Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Cartoon Show comes on and I am a big fan. Of course, mom is ready to throw me out the door for a while. A Bugs Bunny cartoon usually starts the show and after that it's anything goes. Sylvester vs. The Giant Mouse (which was really a baby kangaroo) was always a favorite, and they still showed Speedy Gonzalez at this time. There was one thing they showed every so often and it was an event and a half. There was a mega-Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner episode that contained just about every gag. It was the ultimate cartoon experience and I was in heaven.

Finally, mom is throwing me outside to play and expend some of this excess energy. It was fun sharing my Saturday morning cartoon experience with you. I miss those days even now. I would love to wake up and watch all of these shows (except for The Superfriends, maybe) and have some good, sweet cereal. I hope you enjoyed this look back. What are your favorite Saturday morning memories? Have a good day.