Wanna See My Shorts?

Be sure to check out my earlier countdown today.

No, not those shorts.  It's cartoon week, so here are my five favorite cartoon shorts of all time (I hear the collective sigh from here).  Remember, Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry, Woody Woodpecker and many of the other six minute cartoons started off as pre-movie shorts.  So, here are my favorites that I remember from growing up.

5.  Early to Bet--The Gambling Bug bites the ear of a cat who insists on gambling against a dog...for penalties.  It's got some great music in it too.  Here a link.

4.  Heavenly Puss--A Tom & Jerry classic, where Tom is crushed by a piano and goes to heaven.  Unfortunately, in order to get in he has to get Jerry to sign an act of forgiveness.  There is no online video.

3.  The Three Little Bops--A modern (back in the 40's) telling of the Three Little Pigs.  This time, they're a band and the Big Bad Wolf wants to play horn with them.  There's a video, but I will post it later.

2.  What's Opera, Doc?--Kill the Wabbit! Here's a link.

1.  Porky in Wackyland--Possibly the most surreal, most fun and most oddball cartoon ever made. Porky Pig is off to Darkest Africa to look for the last Dodo. The black and white version is my favorite, but the color version is also pretty good. And here is a link for this one.

There, my favorite cartoon shorts.  I hope you agree fully, but if not, please feel free to fill in what I missed.  Have a good day.