Let the Rivalry Begin

I added 5 more question to yesterday's Trivial Tuesday.  Be sure to check it out.

OK, today is a single post countdown in honor of my own creation, Cartoon Appreciation Week.  Every great cartoon contains a great rivalry.  It's necessary to make the cartoon great.  Here is my list of favorites and why it's on the list.

10. Bugs Bunny vs. Elmer Fudd--This has always been the quintessential rivalry, hunter against prey, prey against hunter.  

 9. Rocky & Bullwinkle vs. Boris & Natasha--A couple bumbling spies from a fictional country try to outwit a flying squirrel and dim-bulb moose.

 8. The Animaniacs vs. Dr. Scratchansniff--While it not a rivalry on the pretense of harm or dinner, it is one of sanity.  For so long the young Warners try to drive the shrink nuts.

 7. Woody Woodpecker vs. Buzz Buzzard--It's been a while since I've seen a Woody Woodpecker cartoon, but this rivalry was always fun.

6. Speedy Gonzales vs. Sylvester--Due to the PC police, this cartoon is all but banned on TV in the US.  It is a fun rivalry and I miss being able to see it.

 5. Bugs Bunny vs. Daffy Duck--Bugs and Daffy's rivalry played off of Bugs' smartass attitude and Daffy's greed and underhandedness.  I'm still looking for a sign that says, "Elmer Season."

 4. Pinky and The Brain vs. World Domination--It's more of a figurative rivalry, but still provides a lot of entertainment.

 3. Bugs Bunny vs. Yosemite Sam--"You long-eared varmint!"  Sam had some of my favorite cartoon language.

 2. Tom vs. Jerry--Obvious, violent and lots of fun.  Need I say more?

 1. Wile E. Coyote vs. The Road Runner--Coyote falls off cliff, hits ground, tries again.  Best. Rivalry. Ever.

This was a fun countdown to write up and I may do another one later today (It may already be written). Now it's your turn, what are your favorite cartoon rivalries?  I look forward to reading them.