The Two Sides of Tom & Jerry, Part 2

This is part two of a two part series. The first part was posted yesterday afternoon.

In 1965, even though there were no new Tom & Jerry cartoon being produced, the original Hanna-Barbera shorts were being edited to make them more politically correct. They were also cut to make them appear less violent. Mammy Two Shoes was replaced by a thin, white woman, but then she was restored, but with a less stereotypical voice. During this period, they would make a run on Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons (remember those?). This would not be the worst change for the cartoon.

In the mid-1970's, Tom & Jerry would find their way back to Hanna-Barbera, the original studio, which meant the cartoon would return to its previous glory. Right? Oh, no, that couldn't happen. Instead, Jerry was given a red bow-tie and they were now friends (parodied again in The Simpsons, this time in the episode, Itchy and Scratchy and Marge). No more senseless violence. No more of Jerry hitting Tom in the foot with a hammer, no more dynamite. Where is the fun in that? A cat and mouse as friends? How are kids supposed to learn the natural order of things if we don't tell them? Of course, this was bad, but not yet the worst thing to happen to them, yet. I didn't even mention The Tom & Jerry Kids show, nor will I.

Even though a few studios attempted to return them to their former glory, many of the true fans of the originals saw through the ruse and did not care for it much. In 1992, the worst of the happened, Tom & Jerry: The Movie. What was so bad about this? They were friends. Bad. They were given voices. Worse. There song and dance numbers. Gahhhhhh! No, this is unacceptable, they are not friends, they are cat and mouse, natural enemies. They do not talk (unless Tom pokes his up from a pile of debris and says, "Don't you beileve it."). They do not sing and dance unless Tom is singing "Is You Is," to Toodles. Tom & Jerry had it's golden years, and that was way back in the 1940's and 50's. They were incredibly popular and everybody tried to capitalize off of that fame. I hope you enjoyed my look at the two sides of Tom & Jerry, have a good Cartoon Appreciation Week.