A Week in the Square

It's been one week since I switched over to Squarespace to host my blog. I have to say, I am liking what I'm experiencing here.  I finally have the flexibility to play around with my design.  They have plenty of templates to choose from, but they can also be completely modified.  None of this is hard to do for the beginner, but they also have advance options for those that know, or want to know CSS.  I have modified my blog in such a way that my comments and discussion posts appear differently (green text on a darker gray background).  I also hope that this blog is more readable now that the text is larger.

I have another week to go on my free trial, but I will end up signing up with them.  It's not shared hosting like I was with before and had all the problems, it's reliable and there are a lot of reputable people hosting their sites with this company.  I have brought the Garden photos over and now they're in a nice, neat photo album.  I'm enjoying it here and think I'll stay a while.  It's fun.