Comic Strip Appreciation Day

Today, the Eclectic Calendar shows that today's holiday is Comic Strip Appreciation Day.  I have decided to take time off from the Many years ago, I had a favorite comic strip, one of the all time great comics about a boy and his stuffed tiger.  Calvin & Hobbes was a classic, but it wouldn't last forever and pretty soon I was left without my favorite comic strip.  Not too long after it left my newspaper, they picked up Dilbert, a fine office humor comic and still one of my favorites to this day.  But something happened about two years ago, The Plain Dealer was looking for a new comic to run to replace one that got the axe.  They auditioned four throughout the month, two of which I cannot remember, but they weren't that good.  One of the others was Prickly City, a tongue-in-cheek political comic that took the place of For Better ot For Worse.  The big winner, however, was possibly the greatest comic ever drawn.

Pearls Before Swine looked to me to be different.  It's truly funny and sarcastic (moreso than the one I used) and written by a lawyer.  I hoped this comic would make it into the paper instead of any of the others.  This comic looks at the live of such characters as Pig, Rat, Zebra, Goat, the crocs and various temporary characters that pop up like Toby, the Agoraphobic Turtle, who drinks beer from a beer bong.  To me, this is one of the funniest comics out there right now.  If it's not in your paper, check it out in  Have a good day and my Trivial Tuesday is coming up later.