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Samuel Morse was the inventor of the telegraph and, of course, Morse Code.  The telegraph was used to send messages over a wire through a contact key.  Because the users of the telegraph were not the most educated, they needed an easy code to remember to decrypt the message (if you will).  Samuel Morse created his famous code by visiting a local printing press and counting the each of the letter dies that made up a standard page in the newspaper.  He then ordered the letters from the most used to the least used and formed his code from there.  the letter "E" is a single dot, the letter "T" is a single dash.  The other side of things have the letter "Y" as dash-dot-dash-dash and the letter "Q" is dash-dash-dot-dash.  The code is ordered in such a way that the most used letters use the shortest code.  Morse code has been used longer than any other encoding system at 160 years and is still being used today.  Congratulations to Ananda Girl for getting the correct answer.  I could have probably worded that question better, but I think it would have made it too easy.  It's always a pleasure bringing you these fascinating little facts. Just in case you would like to hear the whole podcast where I heard this fact (it was only a small part), it is very interesting.  The whole episode is about the modern data compression algorithm and how it works.  It's my kind of thing, it may not sound thrilling to you.  CLICK HERE for Security Now episode #205. By the way, the title of this post is simply AlienCG in Morse Code.