There Are No Do-Overs

Television and radio broadcast transmissions travel at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second.  The distance these transmissions travel over the period of 365 days is called a light year.  This means that some of earliest commercial television shows are about sixty light years away.  If there are any civilizations out around that sixty light year mark, they are now seeing our early television programs.  This little fact begs a question.  What were we thinking?  Another society, perhaps looking for other intelligent life in the universe, could currently be presented with a freckle-faced, wooden-headed character with a guy's hand up his ass.  Yes, Howdy Doody is currently beaming through space for any passing alien vessel to pick up and possibly cause a universal incident.  What's worse, in fifty or so years, this far away society will be presented with the absolute worst of our programming, reality television.  This will show them what we're all about and truly show where earth stands on the scale of intelligence.