My Musical Memories, #4

This is my 300th post on this blog Last week I introduced many of you to Type O Negative as it was introduced to me on the way to the Duct Tape Festival.  My brother, being inspired by many of the people in attendence, introduced me to something else new on the way home.  Yes, there appears to be some stereotyping going on, but hey, the music is good stuff.

Nine Pound Hammer
Hayseed Timebomb

The Evil one and I were headed home from the festival, but the going was slow.  We watched the usual fair-people walking by along with all the carnies and it inspired him to put this disc in the player.  I was introduced to the sounds of a punk band....from Kentucky.  The sound was familiar, but different in a way.  Here's a three-chord punk band with a definite southern accent.  This is a fun CD. It's a fast-paced, fun CD with a lot of great music.  Songs like, "Skin a Buck," "Run, Fatboy, Run," "Outta the Way Pigf*ckers," a few more.  There are also a couple covers of the classics, "Wreck of the Old 97" and "Adios, Farewell and Goodbye."  I am definitely giving this a recommendation for any punk fans out there, and especially for Ananda Girl.  Everytime I listen to this one, I think back to the Avon Lake Duct Tape festival.

Ah, the memories.  Unfortunately, the CD has been discontinued and can only be found through Marketplace sellers or eBay.  It isn't impossible to get it, you just have to know where to look.  Next week, I have no idea what I'm posting yet, but it's sure to be good.  Have a good Sunday.