More Miscellaneous Facts

I mentioned a while back that I have been online for quite a while.  Well, I have been, and I wrote my first full-length piece for The Game Board back in June of 2003.  I added it all up and, including this post, I have written 1,069 posts and articles.  I have only written 291 posts for Swamp Gas, but I wrote 670 blog posts and 108 longer articles for The Game Board and Alien's Planet.  The blog only started with Alien's Planet back in March of 2004.  I didn't post everyday as you can probably tell.  I was wondering how much I've published online, and there is my answer.

Of course, that's only part of the story, comments are another thing.  I didn't add commenting on Alien's Planet until about a year after I started, so those numbers are alittle less impressive.  So far, the Swamp has 1,321 comments (as of 11am), Alien's Planet had  2,315 blog comments and only 86 article comments.  The to-date count stands at 3,722 comments.  So that's the rest of the story.  It will also be the last bragging post I do for a little while.    Thanks for your support.