Nothin' But Scrap Metal

Another newcomer to the Saturday Scavenger Hunt, crazy4coens over at Raising Sunny, has chosen the word this week and she chose SCRAP.  The first thing I think of is my first car and how it probably SCRAP metal by now.

This is my 1990 Chevy Cavalier.  I got it in 1992 and drove it until December 1999 when I traded it in with 105,000 miles on it.  Surely it's a cube by now.

This is my first computer.  It's dead now and good for nothing but scrap, but I am waiting until I find a good, trusted company that will dispose of it locally.  I don't want it sent to a third world country to pollute their environment any more.

There you have it, my look at scrap for this week.  Now I am just waiting to see who crazy4coens tags for next week's word.