Focus-Free Friday

It's been a while since I've downloaded my brain to my blog.  There's a lot up there to empty out, so let's get started.

First of all, the answer to the Trivial Tuesday question was Cpt. Eugene Cernan.  It was not Michael Jackson.

If you noticed, I mentioned nothing of the deaths a couple weeks ago.  I did make dedication on my blog to one of them, my tag line (below the title) is in honor of Billy Mays.

I'm a watcher of Discovery and History Channels, and this trend of "extreme jobs" shows is making me laugh.  There are way too many and they keep getting more extreme, like "Ice Loggers."  I guess "Swamp Loggers" isn't extreme enough.

My laptop is in for service for the third time.  I sent it in a couple weeks ago to have a keyboard problem fixed, but all they did was restore the original system configuration.  That meant erasing and reloading my hard drive.  This did nothing for the keyboard, but it cleaned up my hard drive (both the C and D drives).  I told them I wanted it sent back at their expense, overnight, since I had been without my laptop for 8 days prior.  They paid for shipping, FedEx ground, so I will be without it all this week and into next week.  This sucks.

I'm still unemployed.

I was playing with Ubuntu Linux on my computer (you can try it out on a CD) and am now thinking about killing my desktop Windows installation to go Linux.  Everything I use on my laptop is free or open-source except for the operating system (I won't kill the laptop Windows install at the moment).

Oh yeah, and about my post on router set-up for dmarks.  I didn't want to throw too much extraneous information out there.  I wanted to focus on security and was going about it from the point of view of people who currectly have wireless routers.  I am currently using 802.11g which suits my needs.  My advice is, if you're gonna buy a router and the N is the same price as the G, buy the N.

Next week, I am going to talk about something a little lighter, A look at free e-mail accounts and how they've evolved.  It's not really going to be a huge expose or anything like that.  Just a comparison between then and now.

Anything you want me talk about?  I love getting suggestions and responding to them.

That's it, my memory is dumped.  I have to that every so often or my head tends to explode.  Have a good day and weekend.