Me? Again? OK.

The Churlish one has tagged me to pick next week's word.  I am choosing, for this week, a word which happens to be....PLAY.  Try to play with this one.  And since I'm here, I might as well review my previous posts since I did post a lot this weekend.

My, How Times Have Changed--I revealed the answer to Trivial Tuesday and did a little technical comparison between computers.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs--My Satuday Scavenger Hunt post featuring SIGNS from around Amish country.

Alien’s Origins, Part 4--As you can tell by the title, this is the 4th installment of my onlinne story.  If you haven't read the first three parts, please do.

Life…Computed--My (sort of) review of Wolfram|Alpha, the new "Computational Knowledge Engine" created by Stephen Wolfram.

There we go, now that I've caught you up, I can post more this week.  Hey, here's an's what's planned for this week on Swamp Gas and Moonlit Reflections (subject to change without notice).

Today (a little later)--Gardening With the Alien, Week #13.

Tuesday--Trivial Tuesday.  Another geek question.

Wednesday--#9 on my Science Minds countdown.

Thursday--I'm not sure yet, but it will be a surprise.

Friday--If applicable, I will reveal the answer to the trivia and have a little history about it.

Saturday--My Saturday Scavenger Hunt photo(s).

Sunday--The next (or final) installment of my story.

There you have it, my schedule for the next week so you can plan accordingly.  I have begun adding my favorite geeky links to the sidebar.  If you have any you want added, let me know, I'll check it out and add it if I like it.  Again, I have chosen the word for the week and it is...PLAY.