Gardening With the Alien, Week #13

Welcome to lucky week number 13 in the garden.  I pretty much spent the better part of the last two days weeding and I still have a little more to do over by the fence.  I was also separating pepper plants and jalapenos.  They were pretty much stacked on top of each other.  Unfortunately, either because of animals, birds or fluctuating temperatures, I will not have cucumbers this year.  I planted plenty of seeds, kept them watered, but they would not grow.

I also have the area between the tomato plants to weed as well.  Speaking of the tomato plants, here's an update on the little ones again this week.

There are two of them and that's my hand in there.  I am looking forward to enjoying my tomatoes and all of my vegetables.  I know this isn't a geeky feature, but I still enjoy bringing it to you each and every week.  I hope you enjoy it too.  Have a good evening.