Boy, Am I Screwed

OK, I was, but it's all better now. I walked out to my car on Tuesday and found that I had a screw in my tire. It didn't look too bad, but things are not always as they seem. It was bad. Why?

See?  That's really not good.  It's in the sidewall of the tire.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to patch it or plug it because that part of the tire is under more physical stress in that area.  Wanna see it closer up?

I thought so.  I did drive on it for about 24 hours until I could get the tire replaced.  The screw did well at holding in the air.  I got both rear tires done and saved the good one so I can have it made into a real spare.  Honestly, I just posted the close-up because it looked so cool.  So, there we have it.  One screwed tire.