We're Not the World


Last Wednesday, I asked a simple question, list all of the performers on USA for Africa's, "We Are the World." Well, only two people guessed any of them correctly. I was hoping it would run on for a while with people coming with new guesses. Laura B. got 14 of them, Manuel got 7. There were still 17 to guess at and nobody tried. Ladies and gentlemen, if I have a list like that, guess and guess and guess until I finally say we're done.  The only hint I gave during guessing was that Laura B. cleared the Jacksons, but there were more to guess.  17 pop stars of the 1980's were left unguessed.

Al Jarreau  
Bette Midler  
Billy Joel  
Bob Dylan Manuel
Bob Geldof Laura B.
Bruce Springsteen Manuel
Cyndi Lauper Laura B.
Dan Aykroyd Laura B.
Daryl Hall Manuel
Diana Ross Laura B.
Dionne Warwick  
Harry Belafonte  
Huey Lewis Manuel
Jackie Jackson Laura B.
James Ingram  
Jeffrey Osborne  
John Oates Manuel
Kenny Loggins  
Kenny Rogers Manuel
Kim Carnes  
LaToya Jackson Laura B.
Lindsey Buckingham  
Lionel Richie Laura B.
Marlon Jackson Laura B.
Michael Jackson Laura B.
Paul Simon  
Randy Jackson Laura B.
Ray Charles  
Sheila E.  
Smokey Robinson  
Steve Perry  
Stevie Wonder Laura B.
The News  
The Pointer Sisters Laura B.
Tina Turner Manuel
Tito Jackson Laura B.
Waylon Jennings  
Willie Nelson  

The answers in red are the ones that were not guessed.  Manuel, you could have had one more had you simply completed an answer.  The News (Huey Lewis' band) is listed on the sleeve.  So now you know, keep guessing until I say the contest is over.  Oh well, I tried, have a good day.