My Final Words on the 80's

The week of the 80's has come to an end and I am pleased with the response I've gotten.  I'm pleased that quite a few of you decided to join me in the festivities and post your own thoughts on the decade.  There was quite a lot that I was unable to post about, but that will just serve to revisit this idea again.  Of course, if I do celebrate the 80's again, I am going to pick one aspect of it post about it for the week, whether it's movies, music, TV, toys and games, etc.  I will let somebody else discuss the fashion since I really never kept up with it.  I also picked up some new readers this week, which I'm happy about.

So I am already trying to cook up another week long celebration for sometime in July.  I'm not sure what direction I want to go, so if anybody has an idea, lay it on me.    I hope you enjoyed my posts this week, now I have to get back to geeky goodness.  I have some really fun stuff in mind, I just have to write it all up.  One of things I want to talk about is a small primer on wireless router security, but I need some time to crunch some numbers.  Thanks for your help in making this week a success and I hope you will stick around for more geeky goodness.