Conjunction Junction, What's My Function?

Welcome to the Saturday Scavenger Hunt for this week.  This week's word was chosen by a newcomer to the club, 3GirlKnight and he chose FUNCTION.  Well, I thought about it, got tired, went to bed, woke up, thought about it some more, drank coffee and ate breakfast and finally figured out what I wanted to do.  When I figuredout what I want to do it turns out it's quite anti-climactic.

Yes, it's a keyboard and the focus of this shot is top row which contains the FUNCTION keys.  It is an old "clicker" keyboard from the Win 95 days (it does have the Window key).  I'm sorry to disappoint, I mean, with a title like that, I thought it would be better.  Oh well, kick me off the Internet, remove my link from your site and make me stand in the corner.  I'm hanging my head in shame now.  Have a nice weekend.