Trivial Tuesday, Redux

Here's a nearly impossible trivia question for everybody to participate in. Back in the 1980's there was this little song that was all the rage. Well, here's the question
Name all of the artists and two groups listed as performers on the song, "We Are the World" by USA for Africa. There are, according to Wikipedia, 38 answers to this question. So feel free to work together, but please, as always, don't cheat.
Yesterday's questions were way too easy, this may be a little more difficult. Have a good evening and good luck with this one. Still 17 more to go.  The list is in order by first name (unless it's one of the two groups beginning with "The").
Bob Dylan Manuel
Bob Geldof Laura B.
Bruce Springsteen Manuel
Cyndi Lauper Laura B.
Dan Aykroyd Laura B.
Daryl Hall Manuel
Diana Ross Laura B.
Huey Lewis Manuel
Jackie Jackson Laura B.
John Oates Manuel
Kenny Rogers Manuel
LaToya Jackson Laura B.
Lionel Richie Laura B.
Marlon Jackson Laura B.
Michael Jackson Laura B.
Randy Jackson Laura B.
Ray Charles Laura B.
Stevie Wonder Laura B.
The Pointer Sisters Laura B.
Tina Turner Manuel
Tito Jackson Laura B.