Trivial Tuesday, Genus Edition

Not really the Genus Edition, but it's a great 80's reference if you've ever played Trivial Pursuit.  So this week's question is dealing with one of those "great" 80's computer nerd movies.  I have a whole list of questions about this movie and it's your job to answer all of them.
  1. What was the password to access the computer?
  2. Shall we play a game?  What game did play to start (exact name please)?
  3. What game was used to finally stop the computer?
  4. What was the four-letter name of the computer that was broken into?
  5. Where was the broken-into computer (the common name of the place)?
  6. What movie am I talking about?
There you go, an 80's geek movie  Trivia Theme.  Good luck with it and I will see you all tomorrow with an entry in the Science Minds Countdown.  I know I said wouldn't, but something came up that will fit.  Have a nice day.