The Epitomy of Quixotic

Hello and welcome to another thrilling week of the Saturday Scavenger Hunt.  This week's word, as chosen by NoRegrets, is the $5 doozy, Quixotic.  I thought long and hard about this word and could not figure out a thing to post.  Then I look at the etymology of the word and a lightbulb (an environmentally friendly lightbulb) went off in my head.  I had to call Mom to see if it still did.  So I took my camera, went to the parents' house, took a couple pictures, ate dinner, sat and talked, drove home, took a shower, typed up this post, sched...oh, crap, I got off track.  Anyway, the title says it all....

This would be an old woodcut figure of, you guessed it, Don Quixote.  I remember seeing this figure my entire life since it was a part of my parents' Spanish style decor.

Here's a closeup of the head.  It's been painted, it is wood and it is Don Quixote, which happen to be the origin of this week's word.  I'm glad I came up with something.  Thanks, NoRegrets, for an excellent choice of word, it was definitely a stumper.  Stay tuned to find who she tags.