Odds, Ends and Evens

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a "live" post.  I just have some odds and ends stuff to catch up on.  Much has gone on this week, so I figured I better let you know what's up.

I joined LinkedIn this week in hopes that maybe it will help my job search.  I did join under my real name, so most of you won't know who I am.

My online anonymity has come to an end after 11 years online thanks to some online real estate site.  Now, a search of my name in Google results in my address showing up.  Trust me, I'm not happy.

While logged into Google yesterday, I ended up chatting with a long lost stranger from the north.  Yes, Mrs. Hairy Woman is still out there somewhere and doing well.  Big and Little Hairy Man are also doing well and the Mrs. says hello to all of us in blog land.

I added the latest posts to the left sidebar since I've been multi-posting lately.  Check it and make sure you haven't missed anything.

Finally, Alien Coffeeground in on Facebook.  I set up a fan page for myself there.  Please become my fan if you're on there. I will not spam anybody.  Click Here for the Page.

Don't forget 80's week next week, it promises to be fun.  Have a good evening and I will have a post tomorrow morning.  Remember, NoRegrets chose the word of the week, Quixotic, so get your photos together for this Saturday.