Party Like it's 1989

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Once again, my mind is at work formulating another week to celebrate and I may have come up with a totally radical idea.  This coming Monday will begin a week-long celebration off that memorable decade that many strive to forget...the 1980's.  I have already done a couple Trivial Tuesdays regarding technology of the decade, now it's time to go all out.  An entire week of technology, music, televison, movies and celebrities from this decade.

Feel free to join in and share some of your favorite aspects of the 80's.  Many of you may be wondering why I want to celebrate.  Well, simple answer, why not?  There was a lot of stuff, both good and awful, not to ignore.  Starting Monday, June 22 and going through Sunday, June 28, pull out the neon shoelaces, your favorite Knack hits and do your hair up in a Flock of Seagulls style.  Let's have fun.