The Alien on Commercials

Believe it or not, this is first post I've written and posted on the same day in about a week.  I'm taking advantage of the scheduling function to full effect and it is very handy for regular features.  Luckily, some things just can't be scheduled too far in advance and so it goes for this post.  Some commercials currently airing have piqued my interest and just I thought I would share.

Korean Air--This commercial has been around for a while and I've seen it several times.  I get the black and white with the splash of light blue (the airline's primary color), but what I don't get is the imagery displayed.  What does a pair of high heels and a guy popping a bottle of champagne have to do with an airline?  What about an anorexic model on a hill in the desert?  I remember seeing this commercial the first twenty times and still not remembering exactly what it was about.

Lexus IS C--Now, here's an ad campaign that I may just be too dense to get.  Why is a soaking wet guy with no shoes on running away from an angry mob?  Why is a couple apparently getting chased by a helicopter?  Why are there two women running in dresses when a guy in his Lexus stops to pick up one of them?  I think this campaign may be trying to express something, but it's lost on me.  The slogan is, "Live a little, a lot."  I don't know, I guess I'm out of touch. first time I saw these commercials, I thought they were the most annoying commercials on TV, but there was the underlying message.  Bing is Microsoft's new "decision engine" to compete with current search gatekeepers, Google and Yahoo.  The commercials just show people rattling off various terms whenever somebody says something, it finally ends with a line on the screen, "What has search overload done to us?"  I kind of like the simple genius of these commercials, but they can still be annoying, especially the intitial commercial.  My hat's off to whoever came up with this campaign, it is very effective.

I've always loved commercials, good or bad.  I'm always scanning the television for new ones that deserve some extra attention.  Now, back to TV watching.