Gardening With the Alien, Week #14

This week, I am making a comparison.  I want to see how much my Chinese vegetable garden has grown in two weeks.  For those of you newer folks, my old boss (and still friend) gave me a bunch of seeds that he brought back from Taiwan.  I planted some early on while the garden was indoors, but the rest of the seeds were planted in a well perforated kiddie pool in the back yard (separate from the rest of the garden).  Here is what it looked like two weeks ago:

and here is what it looks like today:

That is some pretty good growth over only two weeks.  I also learned (somewhat) what the vegetables are.  To the left, I already new that's Bok Choy.  At the top is a leaf lettuce that has a slightly bitter aftertaste (it's quite good).  At the bottom is another leaf vegetable which is purple and green that I haven't tried yet.  To the right is a vegetable that apparently translates to "hollow stem."  I will learn how to pick it and cook it up soon.  I am looking forward to the cooking  lesson.  Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.